I am full of gratitude today, releasing my single "Fallen for you" on Sept 1 was quite frankly, nerve-wracking! I am so thankful to every who has supported me especially, Australian Country Radio, you guys have played my new single so many times that it seriously makes me have moments where I'm overwhelmed with tears. Thank you 💖 Friends, please support them @australiancountryradio and please don't forget to request my song! My song has been picked as "top pick of the week" this week (whaaaat!) however, it's still not in the top ten of requested songs so pleeeeease, keep requesting it! 💕💕💕 I hope you're all enjoying a wonderful Sunday evening with your family and dearest friends xx #thankyou #family #australiancountry#australiancountryradio #countrymusic#countrygal #ilovemusic  #Nashville #beyourbest #songwriters #gratitude