New single out November!!!!
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I am very excited to announce that my next "BIG CRUSH" single release will be launched in November!!! See what I did there?!!! Hehe WOOP! Cannot WAIT!!! Need more music out there!!!! Hope you like it, really, REALLY hope you like it xx💖

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No 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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So I realised a couple of days ago that my song "Fallen for you" has just climbed to #2 On the Australian Country Music Radio charts!!!!!! Whaaaaaaaat????!!!!! Thank you all SO MUCH for requesting my song!!!!!! I am seriously so beyond words guys, really? Is this really happening? Cannot explain how surreal this is...thank you all SO MUCH for your incredible support of my song over the last few weeks. I can't quite comprehend that my song has reached #2 and how well my song has been received, it's all thanks to you!!! Please don't forget to keep requesting my single here and with your local radio stations!!!! Woohoo, YAY!!!! Love, Anita xx 💖 #australiancountrymusic #australiancountrymusicradio #countrymusic #country #australia #countrypop #countrygal #fallen #fallenforyou #ilovemusic #feelingblessed #thankyou #akubra 💖💖💖 @australiancountryradio 💖💖💖 #whaaaaat #isthisforreal #feelingblessed#unreal #countrymusic #2 #australiancountrymusic #auscountry

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I am full of gratitude today, releasing my single "Fallen for you" on Sept 1 was quite frankly, nerve-wracking! I am so thankful to every who has supported me especially, Australian Country Radio, you guys have played my new single so many times that it seriously makes me have moments where I'm overwhelmed with tears. Thank you 💖 Friends, please support them @australiancountryradio and please don't forget to request my song! My song has been picked as "top pick of the week" this week (whaaaat!) however, it's still not in the top ten of requested songs so pleeeeease, keep requesting it! 💕💕💕 I hope you're all enjoying a wonderful Sunday evening with your family and dearest friends xx #thankyou #family #australiancountry#australiancountryradio #countrymusic#countrygal #ilovemusic  #Nashville #beyourbest #songwriters #gratitude

My single "Fallen for you" is on the radio!!!!!

I am SO EXCITED to tell you that my first single "Fallen for you" is on the radio!!!!!

Everyone who knows me knows, it's been a long time coming for me to release my original music. Yes, it's been a long road but this has always been my dream, literally, from the time I was two (no kidding) and it's something I've worked hard to accomplish. I've had a lot of luck along the way but in particular, a lot of luck to have such incredibly generous friends and family around me. And today, I'm SO EXCITED to announce that my single "Fallen for you" has made a playlist on Australian Country radio!!!!! This is literally a dream come true for me and you can also help me by requesting my song to be played more here (thank you!!!) but what really matters most, is how loved and supported I've felt during this whole process by my friends and family. There's no way I could have got to this point, as an independent Aussie artist, without the support of these incredible people. I'll be shouting out to all of these wonderful souls over the coming weeks, as a thank you but they all know who they are. Each and everyone of you are very, very special to me, you're all good eggs and I can't thank you all enough! xx

Announcing the launch of my new website!!

A massive THANK YOU to Zoe and the team at Wild Willow Design for creating this new platform to showcase my work. You are all magic, I LOVE my new website, I can't thank you enough! 

Thanks also, to my extremely generous Manager, Andrew Watt at Ravens Nest Artists for making it happen! Our friendship has lasted the test of time, I'm forever grateful for your ongoing support, you're a legend...  

My first release of my first EP will be out tomorrow!!!! I'm beyond excited about it it, I hope you love it as much as I do. You'll find it across all online platforms and I'll put in links when they're available tomorrow however, for today, you can hear previews of the tracks here, HOW EXCITING! 

Happy Friday!

Love, Anita xx