Love, Anita 

I found a light to follow, leading me from yesterday.
— Big Crush, Anita Spring


My journey in music has indeed been a long and winding road. I've always sung and its always been my passion and at times my salvation.

I've done the major label thing - I was signed to Universal as a pop artist and despite some early success, like for so many others, my time in that machine came to an end. I wont deny that it hurt and for 15 years I pushed my dreams of being a recording artist into the background.

Life continued. I still gigged and traveled with my music and I also worked in the charity sector and attained a Master of Business degree. I found love, married and had a baby, who remains the apple of my eye. 

But there was an itch that I needed to scratch. Life, love, a career, motherhood and maturity have given me a perspective that I didn't have as a starry-eyed twenty-something. Eighteen months ago I started writing songs again. I felt like I had experiences and emotions I wanted to express and I also discovered that my craft as a songwriter had evolved and deepened. 

I've settled into a genre that suits me, my voice and my songwriting. I've connected with like-minded people who have shown belief and support and a willingness to collaborate. 

But there is even more exciting things on the horizon. I recently went to Nashville - the music city that I've always loved - and I worked with some special people who are also special songwriters. I came home with a batch of new songs that I love and the inspiration to write some more. I'm about to record those to become the album that defines me as an artist. 

Love, Anita xx

Australian singer + songwriter Anita Spring

Anita Spring, Los Angeles 2018