Promo tour in Tamworth for new single BIG CRUSH and Ep, The Bridge!

Anita Spring, Australian singer songwriter, new single BIG CRUSH and EP THE BRIDGE, out now

What an awesome day promoting my EP and next single "BIG CRUSH" which (coincidentally) happens to be out TODAY!!!! Massive shout out firstly to Kim Beare for stepping up to play (awesome) guitar for someone he didn't know until last night when we rehearsed! You're a legend and a stellar guitarist! To Anna Moulder @ABCTamworth, Jodie & Jon @88.9fmTamworth, Sally-Anne Whitten @2tm_tamworth, Elle & Jess @tamworthtv and the crew @northerndailyleader You guys rock for taking the time to interview an independent artist, cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate your time. And to @Aleyce and my AMAZING manager Andrew @ravensnestmanagement for organising all of this and being the best help for my small companion! THANK YOU!!! ðŸ’– OK, exciting news!!! Join me for the LIVE premiere of the my song "Big Crush" TOMORROW MORNING at 9 AM (AEDT) at this link!
I'll be there to answer any questions about the clip but most of all, I want to hear what think of it?! Feeling so blessed tonight! Xx💖

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